Monday, March 23, 2009

Have You Ever....

... gone to settlement on a mortgage refinance to find that the banking bozos have increased the amount of the total loan by $9,000?

And, have you ever spent a hour making phone calls to the banking bozos from the settlement company's phone to try to straighten out what happened and how to fix it?

And, have you ever had to smack down the settlement agent who thinks that signing the loan at the increased rate and then simply paying off the extra $9,000 in a lump sum would be the same as signing the loan the way it was originally intended?*

And, have you ever gritted your teeth and agreed to return to the settlement company at the end of the afternoon when the banking bozos will have corrected the paperwork?

And, have you ever left the settlement office and then realized that returning in the late afternoon will mean that you won't be able to go say goodbye in person to your little brother and his girlfriend, who have been here (from Singapore) for the last two-plus weeks?

And, have you ever phoned your little brother to say goodbye on the way back to your office from the settlement company and started crying while driving and talking because you realize how little time you've actually spent with him during this visit due to trips to D.C. and starting new businesses and getting sick and directing a play?

Have you ever arrived back at your office with mascara dripping off your chin?

* Do NOT mess with me -- I eat amortization tables for lunch.


Christine said...

Have you ever arrived back at your office with mascara dripping off your chin?

Why, yes. Today actually. Except it was home, not the office.

I don't have any good words. Anybody in the banking/loan sector is on my bad side right now.

I hope you practically knocked that settlement agent out. Dumbass.

Emily said...

You poor thing. The whole thing sounds totally infuriating. And I bet the settlement person couldnt give a s**t, which is even more infuriating. So I think you are due for a few really good days - because I think the universe always balances itself out. I will send good thoughts and a low actual percentage rate your way.

Caryn Caldwell said...

*Hugs* You poor dear. I hope you all get it figured out. The run-around they're giving you is ridiculous. What, do they think they'll fix their own company's mortgage crisis by screwing the consumer, one home loan at a time?

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Ruth, I love you.

Just know that.

And that banking folks are just not getting it.

Hence the AIG mess.


Tina said...

Aw, Ruth, I'm sorry. What a terrible day for you. Incompetence is rampant and frustrating and when it makes you miss out on really, truly IMPORTANT things it sucks even more.

Bridget said...

This post just totally stressed me out.