Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Problems That Still Need Solving

  • My new progressive lenses are still killing me, 2.5 weeks later. How am I going to be able to see clearly again without wanting to claw my eyeballs out by 2pm each day?
  • Neutrogena seems to have stopped making my very favorite lip product ever, and I am bitter. MoistureShine Tinted Lip Balm, I will miss you. Your MoistureShine Lip Sheers, Lipsticks, and Glosses are just not the same thing.
  • Health insurance reform. Seriously. Our corporate renewals just came in with premium increases of twenty-frocking-percent. The company can't afford to absorb such a huge increase, so we will once again be shaving benefits to keep costs "contained", which really means we're passing yet more expense along to the employees (yours truly included) in the way of higher co-pays. Frack.
  • How am I going to pick up 10 long folding tables from the local synagogue for our October 2 fundraising event? (Or, more precisely, how many long folding tables can I fit in my mother's Honda Civic hatchback at one time, and do I have enough bungee cords?)
  • I am a 42-year-old woman and I still get pimples. Fa chrissakes.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease. We're up to $2600 raised so far this year, which is amazing, given the givens. Thank you all so much.


Leslie said...

Have you gone back to the optometrist about the glasses??? Maybe the prescription isn't right.

MemeGRL said...

I'm with you on the pimples. Pimples + wrinkles = really not fair.
You've tried the web for the balm, I take it?

well read hostess said...

I'm a zit monster.

Nivea lip balm in the dark blue tube. It's a gift from the gods. Or Nivea. One or the other.

Christine said...

1) Maybe back to the optometrist? I deal with the grit feeling but only because I make it to about 8 pm. Then it's ohmygahgetmemyglassesnow!!!!!

2) Cosmetic companies are very good at taking their best product and discontinuing it. I've never understood it.

3) Something's gotta give. I say we get rid of all the special interest lobbyists and see what happens.

4) One. And you *might* have enough cords.

5) I will be there as well, no doubt.

6) Awesome. Now if only the docs at Vandy could get their act together, my MIL might get somewhere with the fruits of research...

Anonymous said...

Ruth, in our former town, a friend used a local optometrist, and she had an awful time adjusting to the progressive lenses. He saw her very day for over a week, told her to be patient and helped in other ways. She adjusted to them and loved them, but I don't know if this kind of service is available to you.
You should certainly return, if only to see if your prescription is correct. May good fortune go with you in this and other things, as well.

Daniel said...

$2600 closer to a cure! I work at the PKD Foundation...feel welcome to contact me at with any PKD or PKD Foundation questions. Keep up the great work!

insomniac ellen said...

I try to look at zits in a glass- half-full sort of way: "I'm 56 and I still get zits. I rock!"

ccr in MA said...

Just yesterday I was wondering if I was so completely self-centered as a teenager that I never noticed adults still had zits, too. Why does this still surprise me? I hate it so much. Ugh!

Gloria said...

Great posting . . I got my eyes lasered and never looked back . . forgive the pun!!

Loved your list, and I'm feeling you about the lip gloss!!

Pimples at 42, I still get them at 52!

And good luck with the fundraising . . of to sign up to follow you!

Beans said...

Speaking longitudinally, I think the pimples will continue, at least on a monthly basis, as long as you are non-menopausal or on HRT.

Serious health care reform? YES!! Early word from consultants in the Employee Benefits biz in Rochester NY is we should expect more like 27% increases. LOUD HELLO to those who are "happy with their current plan and don't want it to change"!!!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

The check is headed your way tomorrow.