Friday, October 9, 2009

Lame Event Report

Oh my word, peeps. What a week, what an event. I am wrung out like a paper towel in a TV commercial -- the one that falls apart after one usage, not the the hefty turbo one that can wipe up the gallon of spilled cranberry juice and keep on ticking. I am spent. I am blotto. I have fallen and I can't quite get up....

I couldn't write a blow-by-blow if I tried, but merciful heavens, it was such a relief going into this project feeling so well supported by friends. In addition to Rachel and Marj and Nancy and Kristin and Emily and my mother-in-law providing all of the refreshments (bless you ladies a million times over!), Leslie and Nancy spent hours helping us set everything up at the theatre between Thursday night and Friday afternoon. I literally could not have gotten this done without them. And having Ellen at the check-in table was a godsend.

With the exception of a few bobbles at the auction check out table, everything went very smoothly. People seemed to have fun at the auction, and the "splitting" of the evening into two events seemed to work -- some folks felt free to stay just for the auction; some folks arrived as the auction was closing to attend just the cabaret; and a bunch of die-hards stayed for both events. The cabaret was terrific, with great performances from Michael and Cindy and Claudia and Teddie and Joe and Donna and Liz.

The only real drawback was that combining the events make it a very late evening, finishing up around 11:30. But we made fabulous money -- over $5,300 between the two events, which was more than I'd dared to hope. (Last year the two events raised $5,100 between them.) Which brings our total raised, at one day prior to the walk, to $8,630.

Which is unbelievable. You are all unbelievable. Hugs and chocolate truffles for everyone.

I can haz nap now?


Lori said...

I am glad it was successful and fun. I feel like a lazy sod for not donating sooner. But consider it done!

insomniac ellen said...

glad I was able to be of some help. count me in for next year.

MemeGRL said...

So, so happy for you. So, so sad we missed it. Congratulations and booyah to you!

AnnL said...

Way to go!!

Domestic Goddess said...

Yeah! That's an awesome amount!