Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Brain Exploding. Send Valium.

It really kind of sucks that so much of what's occupying my brain right now is not safe to blog. And I hate that so many of my recent posts have been of a complaining nature. But oh my hell, I need to be in a new job fast. My blood pressure cannot take much more of this.

So, as a poultice against stress, a list of good news:
  • the car is fixed (for now, crossing fingers) and this last round didn't cost me a dime
  • the gutter is fixed (gotta love the local-boy trade network)
  • Kermit (our parrot) is hanging on
  • I've lost enough weight since January that I can wear The Good Jeans comfortably
  • The kids are healthy
  • We're going to Bethany Beach at the end of the month
  • I have vegetable seeds to pot up this weekend
Have anything else to add? I could use it....


Domestic Goddess said...

Hooray for fixed things and animals who hang in there!

HG said...

Hanging with the girls on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Sunny this weekend and warmer. May the sun warm you and your spirits.