Friday, March 5, 2010

The Universe Is Trying, I'll Give It That

Quinlan received word yesterday that he's been selected as one of 26 applicants for 16 slots for summer volunteer CIT positions with our local day camp! He's great with younger kids and the volunteer slots typically lead to paid slots in future summers.

And Garrick learned earlier this week that he won his age division in our local library's bookmark design contest. Also he got a letter from Barack Obama. So that was pretty cool.

Of course, my car's back in the shop, so I'm still the universe's bitch...


Magpie said...

My car has had the "check engine" light on for weeks...

I hope my girl gets a letter from the President. Did you see her letter to him?

(Oh weird - my word verification is "cheating".)

insomniac ellen said...

it's the yin and yang of it all that wears you out isn't it?

I'll light candles for your car.

MemeGRL said...

Off to Ikea for frames!
Don't forget us if you need local rides!
Congrats to both boys. Very exciting!

Kristy said...

Congrats to the boys! Boo on the car. Popped into the co-op today looking for sun-dried tomatoes (everyone seems to have them, but alas, nobody has them without preservatives) and saw some of your yummies on display. Was going to pick up some meringues for the kids (they'd be okay for Aidan, right? No artificial flavors colors or preservatives?), but they didn't seem to have any of those.