Thursday, May 5, 2011

Uh Oh

So our office moved from West Philly to Center City back in April, and between the intermittently crappy weather and being bed-ridden for a week, I am just now starting to explore our new neighborhood.

Within a 3 block radius, so far I've found:

Be very afraid.


zmulls said...

You have a kitchen to pay for

RuthWells said...

Smartie pants.

Lora said...

and you've barely even started to crack the surface. I suggest to you, as I do with anyone who has a downtown job- leave your wallet at home. Nothing says financial turmoil like a bad morning at work and a retail lunch.

Also, the Anthropologie is at 18th and Walnut.

You're welcome.
Or, rather, I'm sorry.

I'm in your building every other Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon beginning next week. 6th floor.