Thursday, September 15, 2011

Keeping the Faith

I had a singularly disappointing gardening season. Forget the perennial beds, badly in need of re-shaping and re-positioning of virtually every plant - the physical labor has become too much for me. But I did have hopes for the vegetable garden, which requires less muscle. I was late starting seeds, but thanks to good gardening friends, had a decent selection of tomatoes and peppers to put out.

The bunnies found their way into the enclosure and ate first the green beans, then the carrot tops, then the Swiss chard - down to the very ground. Next, the squirrels laid claim to the early tomatoes, devouring the fruit the moment a hint of red appeared. I threw up my hands, satisfied that we at least had had a decent strawberry crop, and turned my attention to finishing the kitchen renovation and trying to schedule a kidney transplant.

To my surprise, in these waning days of summer, the garden has rebounded. The cherry tomatoes are coming in sweet and thick and fast, the mini-peppers and poblanos are thriving, and there are three gorgeous eggplants almost ready to pick. The leeks have survived my benign neglect and lack of weeding, and while the beets succumbed to some mysterious ailment that caused the roots to disappear overnight, I have hope for the potatoes. The strawberry patch is happy and healthy, a good omen for next year.

I am trying to keep the faith.


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Emily said...

Isn't this always the case? Something about the "watched pot?" But a great reminder that sometimes, just letting things be -- and even fail -- bears tremendous fruit in the end. Nice way to start my day - -thanks Ruth!

cran said...

Tell us more about the transplant! Please?