Monday, July 28, 2008

Pot Luck

So much to catch up on! The Good Food, Good Beer event last weekend was a blast. And I think I'm being stalked by a certain rock star blogger's family members. Not by the blogger herself, mind you, but her family members JUST HAPPEN to be on hand when I'm selling cookies. Mighty convenient, no? Many of you will recognize the fine young man in the background, here:

And last spring, we had those famous visitors at the Charity Fun Fair. Coincidence? You be the judge...

The pulled pork sandwiches and Asian slaw were a huge hit. Unfortunately, the event attendees were too busy sucking down the free beer to purchase many fundraising cookies (lesson learned). So, plan B went into effect, and we managed to net $200 by selling leftovers to friends and at our local market. Not too shabby.

When do you think I'll figure out that I always need fewer cookies than I think I do? Yeah, that's what I think, too.

And just to keep it real -- here's what happens when you leave half of the flour out of a cookie recipe.


I think I need an exorcist, as my husband has clearly crossed over to the dark side. Last Sunday no one much felt like cooking dinner, so I suggest that Michael wrangle some take out. This is what he came back with.

Oh yes he did!!


And last Tuesday morning while walking Theo, I stepped in a hole. Which in and of itself wouldn't have been a big deal, but I didn't SEE the hole before stepping in it. And it was deep, as these things go. I went down like a sack of bricks (again on the ass) and the pain in my ankle was searing. Thank god for the elderly couple who were also walking the track Tuesday morning who stopped and waited until I pulled myself marginally together, and then hobbled me the 100 yards back to my house. Ice and braces and more ice, and that sucker is good and sprained. Lovely shade of purple, as well. I still can't torque it, but I can put weight on it, and as long as I don't forget it's hurt and try to macarena on it, it will be fine.


Last week was full of activity and movement and busy-ness and it was all very full and fun, but I somehow felt I couldn't grasp any of the moments and truly live in them. Too much traffic pounding in my brain, I suppose. The dentist told me last week that he thinks I'm grinding my teeth, and though I'm not aware of doing so, it wouldn't surprise me overmuch. And between the sprain and the busy, I fell off the exercise wagon, which can't have helped. A quieter week awaits, though, and maybe even a good night's sleep. Here's hoping.


Domestic Goddess said...

OLIVE GARDEN???? What was he thinking? Evil Doer, that one.

Oh, and the ankle? So sorry! Hope it heals quickly. I'm home during the day, if you need anything.

AnnL said...

Surely, you know that you have to be SPECIFIC with men. You can't be vague and just say "how about some take out?". Specific! "how about take out from XXX or YYYY?"


Z. Mulls said...

I keep waiting for the update that will point out that a trip to Bertucci's was approved, but that establishment turned out to not offer a fried calamari appetizer, which was a requirement.

Also, that a trip to Border's was on the docket, and Olive Garden was in the same strip mall.

I plead extenuating circumstances....