Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Is Hard, Is

... working with auditors in and out of my office while
... managing the company's open enrollment and change of health insurance carrier and also
... preparing for a Board meeting while
... construction continues outside my window and
... organizing the year-end performance reviews for over 30 employees and also
... trying to keep up with a sudden, huge influx of Facebook activity while simultaneously
... planning for the holidays (shopping, cooking, carding) and
... thinking once in a while that I really should be blogging more often.


Domestic Goddess said...

All I can think about all day is playing online flash games (specifically words scramble games) when I should be making dinner, doing laundry, wiping snotty noses, making beds, vacuuming, washing the dog and watering plants. And filling out paperwork and calling for the next batch of appointments and...

Sorry, did you say blogging more often? Yes, yes please.

KevinWC said...

DG--save time--vacuum the beds. And the dog. (But not the noses...)


nonlineargirl said...

After working with actuaries for a couple of years, I am sympathetic to the long-distance auditor problem.