Thursday, June 24, 2010

And Another Thing

When checking my credit card activity online yesterday, I saw two identical charges from my doctor's office on two subsequent dates -- on neither of which was I actually SEEING my doctor. Four phone calls and much irk-ness later, it would appear that the credit card transactions for the co-pays at my doctor's office get processed in batches, and what I was seeing were in fact charges for two separate office visits in January and in May.

How in the frock is it helping the state of health care in this country when businesses are deliberately not collecting their money until six months after the fact? The mind absolutely boggles.

(Last rant of the week. I promise.)


Bridget said...

Maybe because they're using the technology that everyone else was using back in the early 90s. Shouldn't there be a priority for healthcare??

Bridget said...

Also, when I went to make that last comment, the word verification word was "coradver" which at first I thought said "cadaver" and I was like "wow, that's oddly appropriate." But it wasn't. Just a close call to irony.