Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Synaptic (Mis)Firings


I was flipping past some ridiculous lifestyle program the other night and caught the hostess referring to a pair of 3-inch heeled sandals as "medium heel." For realz?! I know they're manufacturing soft pump-like shoes for babies now, but in NO universe is a 3-inch heel anything but HIGH. (If you need me, I'll be over at Macy's trying on Naturalizers.)


My former Staff Accountant from my Old Job is coming to work for me at my New Job, starting Monday. Hooray! (Because she is wonderful and I love her.) When I posted the job listing for this position, I bent over BACKWARDS to make sure she saw it without my actually calling her up and saying "Come work for me!". I consider it ethically wrong to poach employees, and I wish to stay on good terms with my former employers.

On the other hand, they (the new management) have been jerking Leslie around for MONTHS -- she was supposed to get promoted when I left, as her duties were going to increase considerably. What happened in reality is that they strung her along for two months on the question of promotion, while not just increasing her responsibilities but dumping the entirety of my work-load onto her, in addition to her old responsibilities. (Don't even ask me what the guy they hired to replace me is doing.... at double my old salary. BLERGGGG!)

What you must bear in mind is that Leslie, like all of the other employees, was still working at a 20% salary reduction, which means that she's been working 12-hour days for less money than she was hired at 5 years ago.

I was chatting with another former co-worker last night (not someone I'm close with) and she made a wry comment about Leslie's coming to work for me. I said something about being glad that Leslie saw my job posting and the former co-worker rolled her eyes and said "Oh, come ON." Assuming I had poached Leslie. I set her straight, but you know what? Even if I had? Considering how they've been treating her over there, TOUGH SHIT.


Last night I had two of my classic anxiety dreams in succession -- the one about being in school and not having kept up with the reading AND the one about rehearsing a play and not knowing my lines or which role I was playing. In the dream, the director of the play was James Cameron, which I suppose would be reason enough for anxiety. But seriously, two anxiety dreams on the same night? My subconscious needs a good flushing-out. Anyone have some good tequila?

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Kelly said...

She'll be appreciated where she's heading to. You both are lucky to have each other.

Last night I had a dream about a tornado going right over our house. Saw the black wind out the windows and everything. But also a dream about a pet guinea pig that I liked to dress up. Weird. I don't have any GOOD tequila to offer you. But I do simply HAVE tequila, if you need some. :)