Wednesday, December 1, 2010



My Dad is about the same. Well, sort of. He's not worse overall, and he was a bit better for a few weeks, and now he's a bit worse again. He feels just well enough to be crabby that he's not feeling better, and to realize how much vitality he's lost with this last bout. Ironically, it was probably easier on him when he was sleeping 20 hours a day. He's not gaining back any of the lost weight, but his fluid levels are under better control than they were. So, mixed bag.


My kidney function seems to have stablized at 24%, for now. Fall blood work showed no change since May 2010, which is an unprecedented run. My doc thinks I may have another year or two before needing a transplant at this rate. So, mixed bag, again -- no need for imminent surgery, but another 1-2 years before I can start to feel better.


I decided to give ballet another try tomorrow. Pray for me and my crampy feet.


We have raised $9,868 for PKD research this year. Holy crap!!! If we reach $10,000 by 12/31, I get a different plaque than the one they give you for not quite reaching $10,000. (Just saying!)


It turns out that I'm a big old hypocrite. After all my bleeding-heart waffling over the recent job applicant who turned out to be a registered sex offender, I found myself in knee-jerk reactionary mode a few weeks ago when a close relative of my neighborhood pedophile reached out to me, olive branch extended. I have nothing but sympathy for (most of) his family, I hasten to add, but no patience whatsoever with anything that smells like a defense of this man's character or a tale of redemption for his past sins. Fuck 'im.

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Domestic Goddess said...

More ballet? You don't say.

Glad things are stable with your Dad. And for you.